MFCA Process Guide: Part Two, Step One


This step is not required constitutionally, but it is recommended as a way to help a potential candidate for the ministry of Word and sacrament reach an informed decision to come under the care and supervision of the classis. It is also a means whereby the local church becomes intentional in providing opportunities for the potential candidate to be involved in ministry activities. A year or two of ministry in the local church prior to seeking the endorsement of the consistory is recommended.

A. The pastor and/or members of the congregation who discern potential gifts for the ministry of Word and sacrament encourage the applicant.

B. The applicant registers her interest with her consistory. Form I may be used to facilitate this process (see explanatory note 1 on p. 23 of this manual).

C. The registered applicant, after a reasonable period of time in consultation with the church leadership, decides whether or not to apply for classis care. It is not necessary at this point for the applicant to determine whether or not ordination will be sought. There are many ways Christians can answer God’s call to service, and ordination to the ministry of Word and sacrament is only one way. Some applicants may be inclined toward areas of ministry that do not require ordination but for which seminary training is highly desirable. However, if an applicant decides to proceed toward ordination, she should follow the rest of the process outlined in this manual.