MFCA: Process Guide for the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry

A Manual for Candidates and Classis Committees



Part One: To the Parties Involved--An Overview
To the Applicant 
To the Applicant's Pastor 
To the Consistory 
To the Classis Candidate Care Committee

Part Two: Preparation for the Ministry of Word and Sacrament
Step 1: The Registration of Interest in the Ministry of Word and Sacrament 
Step 2: The Application to Consistory to Be Taken under the Care of the Classis 
Step 3: The Personal Conference and Evaluation by the Classis Candidate Care Committee 
Step 4: The Report to the Classis, the Appearance Before the Classis, and the Follow-up 
Step 5: The Care and Supervision Process Leading to Certification of Fitness for Ministry 
Step 6: The Granting of the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry

Part Three: Alternate Means and an Alternate Route 
The Dispensation Process 
The Approved Alternate Route Process

Appendix: Explanatory Notes

Forms for use in the process are available from the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency.

Form I: Registration of Interest in Ministry/Application to Be Taken under Care of Classis 
Form II: Consistory Evaluation/Recommendation Regarding Classis Care 
Form III: Application for Dispensation 
Form IV: Petition Regarding the Twenty-Seven Month Requirement 
Form V: Petition for a Certificate of Fitness for Ministry 
Form Va: Petition for the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry by Means of the Approved Alternate Route 
Form VI: Liturgy for Receiving a Candidate under Care of Classis

Also Available:

Procedure for Admission to the Classis of a Licensed Candidate from Another Denomination 
Policies and Procedures Manual: DOCPDF

For more information, contact Cor Kors ( at Ministerial Formation Certification Agency, Reformed Church in America, 8303 Alondra Blvd., Suite C, Paramount, CA 90723.

MFCA: Process Guide Preface

Throughout its history the Reformed Church in America (RCA) has valued an educated clergy.

MFCA: Process Guide Introduction

This manual has been written with several readers in mind:

MFCA: Process Guide Part One

To the Parties Involved--An Overview To the Applicant

MFCA: Process Guide Part Two

Preparation for Ministry of Word and Sacrament

MFCA Process Guide: Part Three

Alternate Means and an Approved Alternate Route

MFCA: Process Guide Appendix

Explanatory Notes 1. Form I is recommended for use but is not required if a more desirable procedure is already practiced. A written instrument, however, is strongly urged.