The church in Cambodia was nearly wiped out in the late 1970s under the leadership of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Christians suffered intense persecution, and nearly all pastors in the country were exiled or executed. Since the return of peace to Cambodia, the church has been steadily growing; today there are between 180,000 and 340,000 Christians in Cambodia. The rapidly-growing church is in need of nurturing and leadership development.

Since 2010, two RCA missionaries have partnered with three organizations in Cambodia that are working to supply the church in Cambodia with trained leaders and discipleship and leadership development materials in the Cambodian language. The goal is to rebuild the church and bring the gospel to all of Cambodia. Phnom Penh Bible School is an in-residence program that trains leaders for the Cambodian church. Theological Education by Extension Association Cambodia is a training program for pastors and church leaders in their own context. Food for the Hungry Cambodia is a Christian relief and development agency that works to provide clean water and hygiene training, increase agricultural output, help children succeed in school, and develop local church leadership.

Mark & Deb Wilson

The Christian church in Cambodia was nearly wiped out in the late 1970s under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Since the return of peace in the 1990s, the church has been steadily growing. New leaders have a passion for sharing the gospel and starting churches, and Mark and Deb Wilson help prepare them for ministry. Deb is strengthening church leaders and Christian organizations through training, coaching, and mentoring. Mark teaches seminary classes and helps Cambodian churches and leaders discover, understand, and live into God’s intentions for them, and help others to do the same.