"A key principle of RCA mission is making key decisions together with our mission partners.  RCA missionaries in Europe and elsewhere encourage their partners in mission to guide them in the best ways to relate to the people they've come to help."
--Duncan Hanson

The RCA Global Mission program in Europe is known for the quality of its mission personnel and the care with which it lives out its philosophy of mission. The RCA mission philosophy in Europe includes:

  • A commitment to partnerships
  • The priority of relationships
  • A commitment to long-term mission
  • A willingness to invest in mission personnel
  • Mission that reflects the gospel's bias to care for the marginalized
  • Mission that is holistic
  • A willingness to embrace innovations
  • The importance of ecumenism in Reformed mission

Doug McClintic

Old cathedrals, beautiful yet empty, are scattered throughout European cities and landscapes. Today, with the days of the historic European church in the past, young people are expressing an openness to the gospel message through the presence of church planting movements.