The Reformed Church in America cooperates with the Church of South India in mission. One of the ways it does this is through Mission Partners International, Inc., a faith-based nonprofit based in Holland, Michigan. In times of major catastrophes Reformed Church World Service works in cooperation with the Indian relief and rehabilitation organization CASA, Church World Service, and the World Council of Churches' world relief services. The Reformed Church in America also cooperates in specific projects with parachurch organizations such as the India Bible Society, the Bible League, and Audio Scriptures International. Recently steps have been taken to build stronger ties with the Church of South India, focusing on personnel support in the area of business consultancy and pastoral training.

1. Assistance to the Poor. An empowerment and income-generation ministry for abused and rejected women receives personnel support from the RCA in a poor region of South India.
2. Medical. An RCA missionary doctor serves an outpatient clinic for poor rural villagers, many of whom have AIDS.
3. Education and Job Training. Many regions in India have unemployment rates over 80 percent. An RCA missionary works to educate the oppressed Dalit people (formerly known as "untouchables") and teach them practical job skills.

The Reformed Church's bond with Christians in India is strengthened through Reformed Church volunteers who serve in India for a limited amount of time, through consultations with the Church of South India, and through exchange visits by members of both churches.

Linn Gann

Linn Gann works in collaboration with the Church of South india and RCA churches, businesses and individuals. As a CSI co-worker, the goal is to come alongside the indigenous Church and the marginalized in South India to equip and encourage through mutual learning in ministry: children will be filled with an outpouring of hope, families will find dignity by becoming self-reliant, and whole communities will be praising God.

John Paul & Katy Sundararajan

John Paul (JP) Sundararajan serves as the India-Asia director for Audio Scripture Ministries, which works with national organizations around the world to produce and distribute audio recordings of God's Word in a variety of languages. In India alone, more than 1,600 languages are spoken. Audio Scriptures give people access to the Bible in their own language, even when written translations aren’t available or the people are illiterate. JP travels in and around India and other parts of Asia, helping local organizations with audio Scriptures.