The East Kalimantan region of Indonesia is one of the world's most isolated and undeveloped areas. There are no passable roads through the dense rainforest, steep mountains, and difficult terrain. As a result, residents must travel by foot, boat, or airplane to obtain necessary medical care and supplies. In an emergency, access to an airplane can mean the difference between life and death.

The RCA partners with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to help provide desperately needed airplane travel to remote Indonesian villages. MAF began after World War II, when a group of Christian pilots decided to use airplanes to reach remote areas of the world for Christ. MAF maintains a fleet of more than 50 aircraft in over 20 countries around the world and works with a number of churches and mission partners.

An RCA missionary works in the East Kalimantan region of Indonesia as a pilot and mechanic. His flights connect two dozen isolated villages with the outside world, transporting native pastors, evangelists, and supplies. He also performs emergency medical evacuations and assists community development, governmental, and environmental organizations.

Craig & Christa Hollander

Both Craig and Christa Hollander have been interested in mission work since they were young. They met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where Craig studied mission aviation and Christa studied Bible and theology.