The work of the Reformed Church in America is in Cuzco, a city in southeastern Peru near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cusco Region as well as the Cusco Province. In 2013, the city had a population of 435,114. Located on the eastern end of the Knot of Cuzco, its elevation is around 3,400 m (11,200 ft). The site was the historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th into the 16th century until the Spanish conquest. Cusco has a subtropical highland climate and is generally dry and temperate, with two defined seasons. The dry season lasts from April to October, with abundant sunshine and occasional nighttime freezes. The wet season lasts from November to March, with night frost less common. The city has a population of 435,114 people.

The RCA supports Sandy and Albino Rodriguez who are working alongside Quechua families and churches, seeking to equip and empower Quechua youth in Southern Peru. Albino is a Peruvian native and Sandy a western Michigan native. She has worked as a RCA Global Mission volunteer in the past and is a member of Springs Community Church and an Associate Member at First Reformed Church in Holland, MI. Both Sandy and Albino have experience working in Cusco, Peru with a previous assignment organization called ATEK: A Quechua acronym for The Association that Shines the Gospel to the Quechua World. ATEK works among the Cusco Quechua language group. Their vision is to cultivate healthy Quechua families, contributing to strong churches, contributing to unified and organized Quechua communities.

Sandy and Albino have developed their own ministry called “Casa del Maestro” as an outreach of local believers to Christian Quechua youth coming into the city for their secondary education. These Quechua youth are coming into the city from rural and agrarian communities as such they can easily fall prey to exploitation, discrimination, human trafficking or sexual exploitation. “Casa del Maestro” desires to provide Christian youth with a safe place to stay, live in a family atmosphere, and while there they will be discipled and empowered to share their faith with others.

Albino & Sandra Rodriguez

A bus trundles by, wheezing exhaust into the street. Crowds of people push past. To a teenager from the nearby valley, the city of Cusco, Peru, can be overwhelming. But because most rural households lack electricity and many more are without running water, young people often migrate to the city seeking opportunity.