According to the International Mission Board’s 2013 Global Status of Evangelical Christianity report, there are 1,146 unreached people groups in Africa. We pray that we will one day see Christ-centered churches established and thriving across the continent. The RCA partners with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) to work toward this goal.

AIM realizes it takes specialized training to equip mission co-workers for responsible cross-cultural service. Training In Mission Outreach (TIMO) addresses this need. Based in northeastern Tanzania, TIMO is an extensive two-year program that trains new cross-cultural workers to plant reproducing churches among Africa’s unreached people groups.

TIMO places teams all over the continent of Africa. These teams live among the people groups with whom they are sharing the gospel. TIMO trains long-term cross-cultural workers for a lifetime of ministry and also partners with others to establish local, contextually appropriate churches.

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