United States

RCA churches and church-related organizations are faithful witnesses of Christ's love, reaching out to people in their communities through food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, vacation Bible school, programs for seniors, after-school programs, and much more.

Deacons often coordinate the local outreach ministries that help churches make a difference in their own neighborhoods. Many of these ministries have grown out of the RCA's support for urban ministries.

Because a tremendous number of recent immigrants have "brought the world to our doorstep," the Reformed Church in America also reaches out to people cross-culturally throughout the United States.

Project Hospitality

Project Hospitality was founded in 1982 as an outreach of Brighton Heights Reformed Church in Staten Island, New York. It began in the basement of the church as a soup kitchen and shelter for the homeless, and its only staff was the Rev. Roland Ratmeyer, pastor of the congregation.

Within two years the budget of the project surpassed that of the church, and Project Hospitality was incorporated as a separate not-for-profit organization.

Brian Narcomey

Brian Narcomey serves as Native American outreach coordinator and copastor of Restored 2 Life, a come-as-you-are church that is one of the ministries of Center of Hope in urban Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The center also offers many community services including a bike to work program, computer access, and Bible studies. Native and non-Native families in Sioux Falls need to hear the good news. Many struggle with addictions and past traumas and need the empowerment found through new life in Christ. “I have the privilege of visiting with individuals and praying for their needs,” he says.

Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church

Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church is located on an Indian reservation in Dulce, New Mexico. Pastor Brad Kautz is an RCA minister who began his work at the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church in August 2013.

Many in Dulce struggle with family situations that lead to behavoiral problems, unhealthy life choices, and difficulty committing to God. Your support is welcomed as lives are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in this Native American community.

Mescalero Reformed Church

Mescalero Reformed Church in Mescalero, New Mexico is richly blessed with a wonderful cultural heritage, and the church is committed to both maintaining its cultural identity and to following and serving Jesus. This is paramount to who the Mescalero people are. 

Apache Reformed Church

RCA ministry in Apache, Oklahoma, has roots in mission work at nearby Fort Sill dating back to 1895. That’s when Frank Wright was sent as a missionary to the Fort Sill Apaches, who were prisoners of the U.S. Army and had been relocated several times. When the tribe was released, they moved to Apache, where they began their own congregation. Apache Reformed Church is a congregation mostly comprised of Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache Indians. 

Center of Hope

The Center of Hope exists to share the hope and peace we have in Jesus, physically and spiritually. We do that by providing spiritual and social service help those who find themselves in difficult life situations in the Sioux Falls community. Center of Hope is "a front-line ministry that meets people right where they are."

Ministry to Japanese People in Southwest Michigan

Fumihito Andy Nakajima was raised in Japan by a Buddhist family. He was led to Christ by a Christian English teacher at his high school. When he was a senior at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, Andy and other Japanese students at the seminary caught a vision for reaching out to Japanese people living in western Michigan. They formed a committee, joined by retired RCA missionaries and Japanese Christians living in the area. They held their first worship service in November 1992.

Grace Covenant Ministries

As executive director of Grace Covenant Ministries (GCM), Thomas “Tommy” Miracle reaches out in Jesus' name to young people and families in the Annville area of Kentucky. GCM administers summer Bible camps, after-school programs, thrift stores, marriage seminars, gym ministries, and the Barnabas Home shelter for boys.

Brian & Elizabeth Bruxvoort

As a pilot, mechanic, and chief pilot for the Mission Aviation Repair Center (MARC), Brian Bruxvoort helps make evangelization and church ministry possible in Alaska's remote villages. He transports pastors to and from their congregations; brings missionaries, students receiving mission training, and work teams to their mission sites; flies children to Bible camps; and helps maintain MARC's airplanes. He also connects people with the goods or services they need and helps Alaskan Christians feel connected to the rest of the body of Christ.

Barry & Terryl Bruce

Barry and Terryl Bruce founded The Way Out Ministries in 1984 to reach the people of Hawaiian Gardens, a small urban area in Los Angeles County. Many of Hawaiian Gardens' families live below the national poverty level, and many young people turn to gangs for acceptance.