The work of the Reformed Church in America in Venezuela is based in the capital city of Caracas, known as the "eternal city of spring." The average winter temperature is 56º F, and the average summer temperature is 79° F. The city spreads down a narrow valley for well over ten miles. Tall buildings fill the valley floor. The hillsides are covered with small hut-like houses where the poor live. About one-fourth of the city's five million people live in inadequate and dangerous housing.

As an institution supported by 20 denominations, the Seminario Evangélico de Caracas (Evangelical Seminary of Caracas) has the specific goal of training pastors for evangelism to effect church growth in Caracas and the surrounding Caracas valley. Less than three percent of the more than five million people in that area are in any place of worship on a given Sunday morning, so the need for the establishment of churches and outreach through evangelism is clear. A Reformed Church missionary couple served as seminary teachers until a Venezuelan was able to replace them, while another RCA couple served the Presbyterian Church in church planting. The economic poverty of most congregations and pastors would make training unattainable if it were not for the help of partners like the Reformed Church in America who send missionaries without requiring major local support. RCA mission partner personnel serve as the seminary's president and director.

As the evangelical church in Venezuela grows, so does the need for sound biblical and theological training. The Evangelical Seminary of Caracas responds to this need by providing a program that offers three class schedules: morning, afternoon, and evening. A large percentage of the seminary's students are university-trained professionals with degrees in non-theological fields. These professionals want to deepen their biblical and theological understanding and develop pastoral skills for ministry and mission in Venezuela. The seminary's goal is to train pastors who will proclaim and embody the gospel message in the societal vacuum left by the country's recent social and political upheavals.

Evangelical Seminary of Caracas

While the evangelical church in Latin America is growing, so is the need for sound biblical and theological training for its leaders. Also, in recent years Venezuela has undergone natural disasters and political upheaval, leaving many people cynical and hopeless. The Seminario Evangélico de Caracas (Evangelical Seminary of Caracas) is responding to these needs with a program that offers a choice of morning, afternoon, or evening class schedules.