Doug McClintic

From the secular cities of Europe to the villages of the global South, the world is desperate to hear the good news of Jesus. One of the best ways to share that message is through planting churches and starting church planting movements. In Doug's role as global church planting consultant, he provides support, strategic coordination, and expertise to congregations, classes, regional synods, and other agencies in the global church planting efforts.

Bob and Amy Abel

In many countries, it has become culturally acceptable for families to sell their children to make ends meet. Child sex slavery is a massive industry: 1.2 million children are sold globally each year.

Bob Abel works with Remember Nhu, an organization that works to end child sex slavery in 13 countries. Remember Nhu uses a prevention model that keeps children out of the sex trade before they’re sold, leading to whole communities that have put sex brokers out of business.

JJ & Tim TenClay

JJ has been appointed as RCA Global Mission's Refugee Ministries Coordinator. She works to educate RCA congregations about the refugee situation and to assist in their efforts to come alongside refugees in their communities and to raise awareness and advocate with congregations, missionaries and partners around the world to help alleviate the refugee crisis.

Brian & Donna Renes

Brian and Donna Renes have been involved in the work of Bible translation since 1989. Their first years of ministry were spent among the Tojolabal people in Chiapas, Mexico. Since 1996 Brian has worked with the United Bible Societies, giving support to national translators and consultants. He teaches them how to effectively use the computer in their work of translating the Bible into languages such as Quechua, which is spoken in Peru, and the Kuna language of Panama.

Harry & Pat Miersma

For 35 years Harry and Pat Miersma have provided counseling and crisis intervention services for missionaries working in over 75 countries for the RCA and for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Currently based in Dallas, their role remains international in nature. As senior member of Wycliffe’s counseling staff, Harry counsels and consults with missionaries all over the world. He also helps prepare other counselors for this unique ministry.