Bible Translation

Chad & Dara Vanden Bosch

As Chad Vanden Bosch walks on the dirt path through the fields, his steps kick up dust. This area of Mozambique hasn’t seen rain in months, but the irrigation ponds are full, thanks to natural springs. A palm tree marks the corner of New Harvest Farm, where crops are growing: pineapple plants, banana trees, peppers, tomatoes, and greens. In another field, black-eyed peas grow, enriching the soil with nitrogen while providing a crop. In an adjacent pasture, six speckled goats graze.

Brian & Donna Renes

Everyone should have access to the Bible in their heart language—from Scandinavia to Chiapas, Mexico, from South Sudan to Bali, Indonesia. With every project, Brian Renes and his team work steadily and patiently to translate, revise, and fine-tune over 30,000 verses in each language. In some areas, finding local support is difficult, but that is always Brian’s goal. A person in-country knows the local language and can give more frequent support to Bible translators, almost always lending to a greater quality translation.

David Ford

The soft leather cover, the crisp new pages, the words of life: imagine holding the Bible written in your native tongue for the first time. At least, that’s what you’ve been told; you don’t know how to read, so even though you hold the Word written in your native tongue, it still feels as unreachable as before.