Bible Translation

Chad & Dara Vanden Bosch

Nearly one billion people worldwide can't study the Word of God because they can’t read. This is especially true in the country of Mozambique, where just 20 percent of the population is considered literate. Mozambique now has one of the fastest growing churches in all of Africa, but due largely to a lack of access to the Scriptures, spiritual growth and discipleship have been severely hampered. In Mozambique, as in many parts of the world, making the Bible available means providing Scriptures in audio form.

John Paul & Katy Sundararajan

In India, more than 1,600 languages are spoken. People need recordings of the Bible in their own language when written translations aren’t available or they have not learned to read.

JP works with local partners on the ground in India. Our indigenous partners relate to scores of local leaders to share the gospel with thousands each year.

JP is married to Katy. They have a daughter, Leila Ruth, and a son, Reuben Alagar.

Brian & Donna Renes

Brian and Donna Renes have been involved in the work of Bible translation since 1989. Their first years of ministry were spent among the Tojolabal people in Chiapas, Mexico. Since 1996 Brian has worked with the United Bible Societies, giving support to national translators and consultants. He teaches them how to effectively use the computer in their work of translating the Bible into languages such as Quechua, which is spoken in Peru, and the Kuna language of Panama.

David Ford

Ethiopia has about 80 living languages, many of which still do not have a basic linguistic description for them, let alone access to scripture in that language.