Economic Development

John Lokeno

Too often, community development projects rely on outside resources, which create an unhealthy environment of dependency. John Lokena hopes to do the opposite—to inspire and equip local people to determine their own future with their own resources.

Linn Gann

Linn Gann serves as a bridge-builder between the Church of South India (CSI) and RCA churches, businesses, and individuals. As a CSI coworker, the mutual goal is to see the lives of Dalits and other poor in South India transformed to their full potential in the image of God: children will be filled with an outpouring of hope, families will find dignity by becoming self-reliant, and whole communities will be praising God.

Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt discovered her call to mission while serving in Nicaragua through the RCA Volunteer Engagement program. 

Roger & Sue Scheenstra

The Scheenstras work with a semi-nomadic people who pasture their herds in a desert region of eastern Africa. This ethnic group, which is 99 percent Muslim, has very limited access to health, agricultural, and educational services; many suffer periodically from malnourishment, illiteracy, and high childhood mortality. Though the physical needs are great, their spiritual needs are even greater, since most of this people group have not understood or received the gospel.

Albino & Sandra Rodriguez

La Casa del Maestro, together with families and churches, seeks to equip and empower indigenous youth in Southern Peru. This is accomplished through a holistic and sustainable discipleship program that recognizes the true source of life and salvation in Christ. Youth learn to navigate the modern world, provide for themselves, and contribute to society in order to bring about generational change.

Albino serves as executive director of La Casa del Maestro and Sandy is the administrator.

Efraim Oppelt

Efraim Oppelt works with deacons, pastors, and regional synodical coordinators to promote, administer, and develop the URCSA's diaconal programs. These programs help South African congregations and communities become economically self-reliant, support health care programs for chronically sick people (including those infected with HIV and AIDS) and their families, and train leaders in the church.

Efraim serves in partnership with World Renew and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa.

Tom & Aichatou Johnson

Tom Johnson, an international development specialist, and his wife, Aïchatou, are RCA missionaries currently seeking a new mission post after more than 15 years of ministry in West Africa.

The Johnsons most recently served in Niger. There, Tom taught at a Bible school, produced Android apps for French- and Hausa-language hymnals and a Hausa catechism, spearheaded leadership development work, and helped bring Words of Hope to the area. 

Craig & Christa Hollander

Both Craig and Christa Hollander have been interested in mission work since they were young. They met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where Craig studied mission aviation and Christa studied Bible and theology.