Maasai Outreach Mission

Through Maasai Outreach Mission, Pastor Simon Muntolol trains evangelists who reach out to the Maasai with the gospel while still maintaining the Maasai culture. 

Wayne & Miho Jansen

Papers rustling, voices whispering, pages turning. These are the sounds of anticipation and dedication in a typical freshman seminary class. But the air hangs heavier in seminary classrooms in Japan, for less than one percent of the country’s population claims the religion these students are studying.

Barbara Kapenga

The Nkhoma Synod in Malawi needs an RCA person on the ground, working with our partner church there to support its new university (especially the theology and education departments) and to help prepare more pastors to serve the growing number of congregations.

Mark & Deb Wilson

The Christian church in Cambodia was nearly wiped out in the late 1970s under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Since the return of peace in the 1990s, the church has been steadily growing. New leaders have a passion for sharing the gospel and starting churches, and Mark and Deb Wilson help prepare them for ministry. Deb is strengthening church leaders and Christian organizations through training, coaching, and mentoring. Mark teaches seminary classes and helps Cambodian churches and leaders discover, understand, and live into God’s intentions for them, and help others to do the same.

Rowland Jr. & Jane Van Es

Students and faculty cluster in conversation, warm cups of chai and mandazi pastries in hand after the morning’s energetic chapel service. Their tea comes from the fields surrounding St. Paul’s University in the misty, cool town of Limuru, Kenya, a short drive up into the hills northwest of Nairobi. Soon, students and professors alike will bustle along to class where they strive to be “servants of God and humanity,” as the university’s motto says.

Chuck & Jean Van Engen

The Protestant church continues to grow—so much so that it has outgrown the number of Bible school and seminary professors needed for proper training in Latin America. As desks fill and eager future Christian leaders enroll in Bible schools and seminaries, there is an urgent need for theological trainers who will shape the next generation of Latin American pastoral leaders.  

Abdi Tadesse-Mulat

A crowd has gathered in a sanctuary, greeting one another with customary kisses on the shoulder, then standing arm-to-arm in the congested room. Despite the tight quarters, they are prepared to worship for hours on end. They have found joy in the presence of God and of one another in this congregation composed of former Muslims.

Shelvis & Nancy Smith-Mather

“I was born in war and now I am growing old in war,” a common story for South Sudanese, does not discourage the local church. Through a Christian organization called RECONCILE, divided groups unite for peace. RECONCILE trains grassroots leaders across South Sudan and in refugee camps, building their skills in conflict transformation and trauma recovery. As Principal of the RECONCILE Peace Institute, Shelvis implements initiatives helping communities reflect on tragedy, reconcile broken relationships, work together to transform conflict, and heal.

Albino & Sandra Rodriguez

A bus trundles by, wheezing exhaust into the street. Crowds of people push past. To a teenager from the nearby valley, the city of Cusco, Peru, can be overwhelming. But because most rural households lack electricity and many more are without running water, young people often migrate to the city seeking opportunity.

Pokot Community Development

Through the AIC Bishop Birech College, the Africa Inland Church (AIC) is training African church leaders to proclaim and live the gospel in and through their local churches blessing all in the community. The college teaches courses in transformational development, mission, and other areas that help prepare African church leaders to pursue their calling.