Harry & Pat Miersma

For 35 years Harry and Pat Miersma have provided counseling and crisis intervention services for missionaries working in over 75 countries for the RCA and for Wycliffe Bible Translators. Currently based in Dallas, their role remains international in nature. As senior member of Wycliffe’s counseling staff, Harry counsels and consults with missionaries all over the world. He also helps prepare other counselors for this unique ministry.

Pokot Community Development

Through the AIC Bishop Birech College, the Africa Inland Church (AIC) is training African church leaders to proclaim and live the gospel in and through their local churches blessing all in the community. The college teaches courses in transformational development, mission, and other areas that help prepare African church leaders to pursue their calling.


Jeff & Chelsea Lampen

Jeff and Chelsea Lampen serve as volunteers through New Horizons Foundation in Romania. New Horizons provides outreach ministry to youth through educational and community development models of engagement. 

Andrew & Amy Fields

Evangelical congregations in Colombia are hungry for well-trained leaders who can guide the people of God to live and love like Jesus. But good opportunities for theological education have not kept pace with the growth and needs of local congregations. The Colombian Biblical Seminary (FUSBC) in Medellin is addressing this need through quality pastoral training for future leaders throughout Colombia and Latin America.

Nathan & Nozomi Brownell

Many young people in Japan are struggling, despite material abundance, with matters related to the heart and soul. Many withdraw and become hopeless and too many end in terribly tragic situations. The church in Japan is having trouble reaching the next generation. Nathan and Nozomi Brownell are working in cooperation with the church to renew youth outreach across Japan.

Nathan and Nozomi have three sons: Kenneth, Raymond, and Luke.

The Brownells serve in partnership with Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan (the United Church of Christ in Japan).

Martha & Jaime Amaro

Martha and Jaime Amaro became Christians when they heard the gospel from a missionary. Now doing mission work themselves, the Amaros help the Presbyterian Church in Mexico by providing training workshops for the Children and Worship program. They have a vision to see the Children and Worship program in use throughout Mexico within three years. The Amaros also do translating work; they have been translating "Growing in the Faith" discipleship materials into Spanish, which are used to train church leaders. The Amaros have two children, Jaime Jr. and Alex.

Peter & Patty Ford

Christians and Muslims often misunderstand and mistrust each other. Christians in the Middle East are a small minority of the population among a Muslim majority, and they often face discrimination. There is a need for Christians to develop ways of relating to their Muslim neighbors based on better knowledge, respect, cooperation, and expressions of compassion and witness.

Adrian & Bernardeth Bobb-Kelly

The east coast of Nicaragua is one of the poorest area of an already poor country. That's where Dr. Bernardeth Kelly Bent and pastor Adrián Bobb provide public health and medical services, as well as spiritual and pastoral education, to the population. They are the founders of Tabitha’s House Bluefields (THB), a ministry that works in partnership with the Moravian Church in Nicaragua. They have two children, Abebja and Abayomi.

Adrián and Bernardeth serve in partnership with Tabitha House.