Andy Smothers

Andy Smothers serves as the associate pastor for the English Language Congregation (ELC) of the National Evangelical Church of Bahrain, a church planted by the RCA in 1893. He will be leading the discipleship program for the church, including Christian education programs and Bible studies. Andy will also supervise the church's ministry leaders and teach in the Theological Education by Extension program, a lay leadership development program.

David Mojica

David Mojica has been called to a multiplication development ministry: planting new churches, evangelizing, equipping disciples, spearheading social impact ministries (particularly with school-aged children through the arts), and channeling these efforts toward a church-planting movement. He is leading these efforts with other gospel partners in the Dominican Republic.

Juan Kempers Seminary

In the 1920s, a new field of expansion opened in Chiapas with the help of missionaries John and Mabel Kempers of the Reformed Church in America (RCA). The National Presbyterian Church in Mexico developed important evangelistic work in Chiapas, first among the Spanish-speaking population and then among the Mayan-speaking people in the 1950s. Today Chiapas is one of the strongholds of the National Presbyterian Church. The number of members of the National Presbyterian Church in Chiapas alone is greater than the total number of RCA members.

Brian Narcomey

Brian Narcomey serves as Native American outreach coordinator and copastor of Restored 2 Life, a come-as-you-are church that is one of the ministries of Center of Hope in urban Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The center also offers many community services including a bike to work program, computer access, and Bible studies. Native and non-Native families in Sioux Falls need to hear the good news.

Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church

Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church is located on an Indian reservation in Dulce, New Mexico. Pastor Brad Kautz is an RCA minister who began his work at the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church in August 2013.

Many in Dulce struggle with family situations that lead to behavoiral problems, unhealthy life choices, and difficulty committing to God. Your support is welcomed as lives are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in this Native American community.

Mescalero Reformed Church

Mescalero Reformed Church in Mescalero, New Mexico is richly blessed with a wonderful cultural heritage, and the church is committed to both maintaining its cultural identity and to following and serving Jesus. This is paramount to who the Mescalero people are. 

Apache Reformed Church

RCA ministry in Apache, Oklahoma, has roots in mission work at nearby Fort Sill dating back to 1895. That’s when Frank Wright was sent as a missionary to the Fort Sill Apaches, who were prisoners of the U.S. Army and had been relocated several times. When the tribe was released, they moved to Apache, where they began their own congregation. Apache Reformed Church is a congregation mostly comprised of Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache Indians. 

Center of Hope

The Center of Hope exists to share the hope and peace we have in Jesus, physically and spiritually. We do that by providing spiritual and social service help those who find themselves in difficult life situations in the Sioux Falls community. Center of Hope is "a front-line ministry that meets people right where they are."

Dick & Donna Swart

Dick Swart was born in Ethiopia to RCA missionaries, Bob and Morrie Swart, who ministered among the Geleb (Daasanech) people along the Omo River. His wife, Donna, moved to Ethiopia with her family when she was in the fifth grade; her parents, Ray and Effie Giles, were missionaries with the Christian Missionary Fellowship. After serving as missionaries in Kenya, Dick and Donna returned to Ethiopia, where the Daasanech people still remembered Dick’s parents.

Caleb & Joanna Swart

Caleb and Joanna Swart serve on the leadership team of Training In Mission Outreach (TIMO). TIMO is an Africa Inland Mission program that prepares new mission personnel for the cross-cultural work of sharing the gospel with people groups who haven’t heard it before. Caleb manages employees and maintains government relations from TIMO headquarters. He also offers logistical support to TIMO teams as they prepare to minister in a new area, helping arrange things like housing and vehicles.