Paolo Naso

Immigrants, especially Africans, are increasingly joining Italians and other European members of Waldensian churches in Italy’s major cities, resulting in increasingly vibrant ministries. Unfortunately, immigrants also face discrimination and marginalization, magnified by recently passed laws that deny basic rights to immigrants. The Waldensian Church has partnered with four Italian and North American groups—the RCA, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the American Waldensian Society, and the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy—to form a partnership called Being Church Together (BCT).

Ministry to Japanese People in Southwest Michigan

Fumihito Andy Nakajima was raised in Japan by a Buddhist family. He was led to Christ by a Christian English teacher at his high school. When he was a senior at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, Andy and other Japanese students at the seminary caught a vision for reaching out to Japanese people living in western Michigan. They formed a committee, joined by retired RCA missionaries and Japanese Christians living in the area. They held their first worship service in November 1992.

Grace Covenant Ministries

Shoe squeaks, basketball thumps, and happy children squeals echo through the air at Grace Covenant Ministries (GCM). GCM provides Bible camps, sports, art, and gymnastic camps and programs for local youth in Jackson County, Kentucky. GCM executive director Tommy Miracle uses these opportunities to share Jesus with the people in the greater Jackson County area. GCM’s goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community.

Craig & Christa Hollander

Both Craig and Christa Hollander have been interested in mission work since they were young. They met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where Craig studied mission aviation and Christa studied Bible and theology.

Jones Galang

The RCA helps support Jones Galang, who has been reappointed by the Presbyterian Church of Korea to serve migrant workers in Osan and nearby places. (Galang previously served in migrant ministry in Seoul.) At Osan Migrant Mission Center Galang organizes and evangelizes migrant workers. He helps them in their interactions with Koreans and helps them adjust when they go back to their countries of origin. He also helps migrants who are married to Koreans, particularly women, by assisting them as they organize themselves into a self-reliant community.

Rawee & Nui Bunupuradah

The deep, gong-like vibrations of Buddhist bells call individuals to prayer in Thailand. The sound carries through the air, and the bell’s pulse lingers in people’s bones. It’s a daily reminder of religion’s strong presence.

In a culture deeply intertwined with Buddhism, less than one percent of the Thai population confesses Jesus Christ as Lord. Rawee Bunupuradah and his partners at United World Mission are working to strengthen the pulse of Christianity in Thailand.

Brian & Elizabeth Bruxvoort

As a pilot, mechanic, and chief pilot for the Mission Aviation Repair Center (MARC), Brian Bruxvoort helps make evangelization and church ministry possible in Alaska's remote villages. He transports pastors to and from their congregations; brings missionaries, students receiving mission training, and work teams to their mission sites; flies children to Bible camps; and helps maintain MARC's airplanes. He also connects people with the goods or services they need and helps Alaskan Christians feel connected to the rest of the body of Christ.

Barry & Terryl Bruce

Barry and Terryl Bruce founded The Way Out Ministries in 1984 to reach the people of Hawaiian Gardens, a small urban area in Los Angeles County. Many of Hawaiian Gardens' families live below the national poverty level, and many young people turn to gangs for acceptance.

Nathan & Nozomi Brownell

Many young people in Japan are struggling, despite material abundance, with matters related to the heart and soul. Many withdraw and become hopeless and too many end in terribly tragic situations. The church in Japan is having trouble reaching the next generation. Nathan and Nozomi Brownell are working in cooperation with the church to renew youth outreach across Japan.

Nathan and Nozomi have three sons: Kenneth, Raymond, and Luke.

The Brownells serve in partnership with Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan (the United Church of Christ in Japan).

Martha & Jaime Amaro

A child’s laughter peals through the air as her teacher uses wooden figurines to show the story of Daniel. Forty small hands raise and move as a worship song fills the room. The pungent smell of glue hangs in the air as a child squirts another glob onto his paper and covers it with cotton balls. His class is learning about the Israelites. The Children and Worship program shares God’s truths through a multi-sensory experience.