Leader Development

Andy Smothers

Andy Smothers serves as the associate pastor for the English Language Congregation (ELC) of the National Evangelical Church of Bahrain, a church planted by the RCA in 1893. He will be leading the discipleship program for the church, including Christian education programs and Bible studies. Andy will also supervise the church's ministry leaders and teach in the Theological Education by Extension program, a lay leadership development program.

Michael & Carrie Johnson

Michael and Carrie Johnson are part of a ministry in Edinburgh called East Mountain, a ministry hub where Christian leaders can encounter Christ, be trained for their work, and receive mentoring, theological training, and spiritual care.

Michael and Carrie's vision is to come alongside pastors and ministry workers in Scotland and throughout Europe to provide the support they need to fulfill their calling. They hope to impact not only these leaders, but also all those who are under their care.

David Mojica

David Mojica has been called to a multiplication development ministry: planting new churches, evangelizing, equipping disciples, spearheading social impact ministries (particularly with school-aged children through the arts), and channeling these efforts toward a church-planting movement. He is leading these efforts with other gospel partners in the Dominican Republic.

Juan Kempers Seminary

In the 1920s, a new field of expansion opened in Chiapas with the help of missionaries John and Mabel Kempers of the Reformed Church in America (RCA). The National Presbyterian Church in Mexico developed important evangelistic work in Chiapas, first among the Spanish-speaking population and then among the Mayan-speaking people in the 1950s. Today Chiapas is one of the strongholds of the National Presbyterian Church. The number of members of the National Presbyterian Church in Chiapas alone is greater than the total number of RCA members.

Josh & Sally Vis

A son and mother working together for peace and justice, Josh and Sally Vis seek a political conversation in the U.S. that is pro-Palestinian, pro-Israeli, and pro-peace. To this end, Josh and Sally educate individuals about the injustices of the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. They also offer individuals opportunities to support Palestinians, Israelis, and others who seek an alleviation of and ultimately an end to the Israeli occupation.

Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt discovered her call to mission while serving in Nicaragua through the RCA Volunteer Engagement program. 

Chuck & Jean Van Engen

Unprecedented growth among the Protestant churches in Latin America has created an urgent need for leaders who can mentor other leaders, disciple new believers, help transform society, and engage in cross-cultural mission. The Latin American Leadership Development Program (LALDP), a multinational and multi-denominational community of Latin American scholars, churches, and educational institutions, helps meet the need for advanced theological education in Spanish and Portuguese.

Albino & Sandra Rodriguez

La Casa del Maestro, together with families and churches, seeks to equip and empower indigenous youth in Southern Peru. This is accomplished through a holistic and sustainable discipleship program that recognizes the true source of life and salvation in Christ. Youth learn to navigate the modern world, provide for themselves, and contribute to society in order to bring about generational change.

Albino serves as executive director of La Casa del Maestro and Sandy is the administrator.

Jeff & Chelsea Lampen

Jeff and Chelsea Lampen serve as volunteers through New Horizons Foundation in Romania. New Horizons provides outreach ministry to youth through educational and community development models of engagement. 

Keith & Denise Krebs

Patients and staff at American Mission Hospital need spiritual encouragement. The senior pastor of the English language congregation of the National Evangelical Church in Bahrain needs assistance in ministering with Christians of many races, nationalities, and denominational backgrounds. Keith Krebs serves as chaplain at American Mission Hospital. He also serves as the assistant pastor of the English language congregation of the National Evangelical Church.

Keith serves in partnership with the National Evangelical Church and the American Mission Hospital.