Leader Development

Sayuri & Abraham Kist-Okazaki

Abraham and Sayuri Kist-Okazaki are ordained RCA pastors who work in evangelistic training for congregations of the United Church of Christ in Japan.

Abraham and Sayuri work as associate pastors at Kugahara Church in Tokyo, in the area of local mission. They are also called by many churches and regional gatherings throughout Japan to evangelize and provide training so these churches and groups can more effectively reach out to non-Christians, who make up 99 percent of Japan’s population.

Tom & Aichatou Johnson

Many Hands for Haiti (MH4H) was founded in 2008 by Iowa churches (mostly RCA) and volunteers, and it became an RCA Global Mission partner in 2017. It operates in the Pignon area in Haiti, aiding several communities through programs in agriculture, church leadership, education, evangelism, and health.

As the spiritual development manager and staff missiologist, Tom serves in an advisory role with MH4H administration, staff, supporters, and volunteers. He also manages all aspects of spiritual and leadership development training.

Isaías Colop-Xec

Isaías Colop-Xec is a native Guatemalan of the Quiché tribe. His contact with missionaries while earning degrees from Oklahoma State University and Dallas Theological Seminary led him to want to become a missionary himself.

He founded a ministry called Rutzij Tijonic (a Quiché phrase that means “Teaching His Word”) to enable pastors of the Quiché tribe to learn the Scriptures in their own language so they can lead the Quiché church. Isaías enjoys spending time with his wife, Ginny, and their children, Annie and David.

Nathan & Nozomi Brownell

Dozens of shoes spill out from the entryway of the Green House youth center where adolescents have gathered for the afterschool program. They’ve finished a snack and now sit attentively while a speaker shares her testimony. This kind of story is rare in a nation where only 1 percent of the population professes to be Christian, but the students lean in, some tearing up.