Global Mission: Strategic Impact Areas

Over the years, RCA members and churches have said they want deeper engagement with our mission coworkers and partners. Global Mission has listened and is excited to present a new way to engage in mission: strategic impact areas. Each strategic impact area is true to the hallmarks of RCA Global Mission—holistic ministry with local partners—while also including on-site volunteer opportunities and a concentration of resources to bring transformation in a shorter amount of time. Networks of churches and individuals partner with these areas to make a difference in their ministries. The strategic impact areas will help to transform communities around the globe. They will also transform you as you strive to live and love like Jesus.

South Africa Botshabelo.

Find out more about the ministry happening with children and families.


Learn how our partners are serving the least of these in their communities.



Read about the gospel of Jesus Chris being brought to people living in Manaus and along the Amazon River.

Strategic Impact Area: South Africa

In response to the needs of orphans in South Africa, the RCA is committed to mobilizing churches/communities in South Africa to: provide trainings on the value & needs of all children & how to address these needs in community structures. Botshabelo, South Africa is a Strategic Impact Area for RCA Global Mission.

Strategic Impact Area: Nicaragua

Learn how our partners are serving the least of these in their communities.

Strategic Impact Area: Brazil

Of the more than 340 indigenous ethnic groups in Brazil, only 150 of them have an indigenous church.