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Missionary Information

Gary and Denise Abbas

David and Char Alexander

Jeff Allen

Martha and Jaime Amaro

Amity Teachers Program (China)

Apache Reformed Church

Jeremy and Susan Beebout

Bible School Institutes (Mexico)

Nathan and Nozomi Brownell

Barry and Terryl Bruce - Way Out Ministries

Brian and Elizabeth Bruxvoort

Rawee and Julakun Bunupuradah

Cauquira Clinic

Children and Worship International

China Mission

Clancy Street Ministries (USA)

Isaias Colop-Xec

Evangelical Seminary of Caracas

Andrew and Amy Fields

David Ford

Peter and Patty Ford

Jones Galang - Korean Migrant Workers

Linn Gann

George Goff

Jim and Beth Harrison

Laurie and Bruce Hawley

Craig and Christa Hollander

Miho and Wayne Jansen

Jicarilla Reformed Church - Brad Kautz

Thomas and Aichatou Johnson

Elly Kajaminyo

Bernardeth Kelly-Bent and Adrian Bobb

Sayuri Kist-Okazaki

LAMP (Canada) - Ron Ludke

Ben and Emily Landegent

Amos Limo Liang'or

Ovelio Lopez

Gail MacLaurin - Elisha House

Maasai Outreach Mission - Simon Muntolol

Malawi and Mozambique Community Development

Malawi Children's Feeding Program - Nellie Muhanda

Benno and Teresa Marx

Linda and Larry McAuley

Harry and Pat Miersma

Jacob and Sharon Moss

Andy and Emma Nakajima

Brian Narcomey

Paolo Naso

Sam Olson

Efraim Oppelt - South Africa Diaconal Ministry

Dick and Carolyn Otterness

Paramedic Training Program in Chiapas

Project Hospitality (USA)

Brian and Donna Renes

Albino and Sandy Rodriguez

Roger and Sue Scheenstra

Alan and Sue Schreuder

Robert and Linda Schut

Shelvis and Nancy Smith-Mather

Tom and Liz Stewart

John Paul (JP) Sundararajan

Caleb and Joanna Swart

Dick and Donna Swart

Abdi Tadesse

Bertalan Tamas

JJ and Tim TenClay

Chad Vanden Bosch

Chuck and Jean Van Engen

Rowland Jr. and Jane Van Es

Darlene and Frank Van Hoeve

Marlin and Sally Vis

Fred Wilgenburg

Mark and Deb Wilson

Xiamen (Amoy) Project

Yu-Shan Theological College

David Zomer

**Not all RCA personnel are listed here--please contact Karen Bogerd at 1-800-968-3943 or

Areas in which we're involved

Other Mission-Related Videos

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