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Global Mission Resources

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Understanding Mission in a Changing World

Missionaries, Programs, and Projects

Being Good Stewards of Our Mission Dollars


RCA Global Mission Placement (PDF)

Country Profiles

The RCA Reaching Out for Christ in...

RCA Global Mission Videos

Most of these videos are available on the RCA website. Unless otherwise noted, contact Nancy Ellens, (800) 968-3943, ext. 243, to order copies of any of these videos free of charge.

General Interest

2010 Global Mission Overview
This video contains an introduction to the wide variety of Global Mission activities in which the Reformed Church in America is involved.

Building a Mission-Minded Church
This kit leads participants through a six-hour process designed to help local congregations assess their strengths and weaknesses, build mission awareness, and become healthy and vibrant mission churches. Includes leader's guide, reproducible handouts, and DVD.

Ministry Videos: Chad Vanden Bosch
Chad Vanden Bosch works with Audio Scripture Ministries to provide technical support and training for partner studios on three continents, and he helps local ministries around the world set up new studios and recording systems that will work best in their context. This 28-minute video highlights his ministry.

Mission Teams and Missionaries Partner Together
View this video and discover how unique mission partnerships can make a difference in the world.


Abudant Living: How God is Transforming His People
Larry and Linda McAuley introduce us to the Camansi people of Malawi.

Battling AIDS in Africa and America
This video shares the inspirational story of how a number of RCA churches in North America--and a number of our partner churches in Africa--have responded to this tragic disease.

Called to Niger: A Conversation with Jeremy and Susan Beebout
The Beebouts tell about their ministry call to Niger during this video.

Daasanech Windmill Project, Ethiopia
This video shares the story of Caleb and Joanna Swart.

The De Haan Kids: From Africa to Minnesota
Peek into the life of a missionary kid with Nathaniel, Sarah, James, and Jon De Haan. As they move back to the United States, the De Haan kids talk about their favorite things in Africa and what they're looking forward to in the U.S.

Dick and Donna Swart: Ministering With the Daasanech
Learn about the work Dick and Donna Swart do with the Daasanech people.

Elly Kajaminyo: Across
Learn about the fish pond projects in South Sudan that are generating income.

Following Christ in Ethiopia
This video highlights the work of Caleb and Joanna Swart.

Following Christ in Kenya
RCA Global Mission is digging wells to help provide life-giving water to the Massai tribe in Kenya.

Following Christ in Mozambique
Learn how we are spreading the Word in Mozambique using audio Bibles.

Haruun Ruun
Ruun, executive director of the New Sudan Council of Churches, addresses General Synod during this video.

The History of the Omo River Valley
Caleb and Joanna Swart discuss the history of the Daasanech people living in the Omo River Valley.

Life as a Missionary Kid: Elsa and Ezra Swart
Narrated by Joanna Swart, this video tells us about life in the Omo River Valley from a kid's perspective.

Love in Action: Serving in Malawi and Mozambique
Larry and Linda McAuley highlight their work in Malawi and Mozambiquee.

Ministry in Niger: Jeremy and Susan Beebout
This video contains two segments: A Conversation with Jeremy and Susan Beebout and A Kid's Perspective on Missionary Life.

A Rare Mission Opportunity
A conversation with Tom Johnson highlighting the work being done in Niger. There is a long and a short version of the video.

RECONCILE: Healing the Wounds of War, Empowering for Peace
This video features the work of RECONCILE in Southern Sudan.

A Report from the Van Eses in Kenya
The ministry of Rowland and Jane Van Es is highlighted during this video.

Responding to AIDS One Meal at a Time
Learn how the RCA's mission partners are engaging in diaconal ministry in South Africa and responding to HIV/AIDS there.

Transforming Lives and Communities: The Ministry of Across
Greg and Ruth De Haan reflect on 10 years of missionary service in Africa, especially focusing on ministry in post-civil war Sudan.

What Gives You Hope?
Highlighting the work of Larry and Linda McAuley in Malawi and Mozambique, this video contains two versions. The three-minute version is ideal for mission moments during worship and group devotions, while the 17-minute version can be used in church-school classes and small groups.

What Is Linguistic Analysis? David Ford Explains
David explains linguistic analysis.

Working with the Word: A Conversation with David Ford
Learn about David Ford's work with Bible translation.


Following Christ in Japan
Nathan Brownell tells about the ministry of the Green House Youth Center.

Following Christ in Mission, Nathan and Nozomi Brownell
This six-minute video introduces the work of Nathan and Nozomi Brownell in Japan.

Following Christ in India
In this video, JP Sundararajan share what's happening In India through our partnership with Audio Scripture Ministries.

A Report from Our Partner in Myanmar Concerning Cyclone Nargis
View this video to hear more about the Reformed Evangelical Church in Myanmar's response to Cyclone Nargis.

Canada and the United States

Following Christ in Michigan
Learn about Clancy Street Ministries in Grand Rapids.

Following Christ in Ontario
In this one-minute video learn about Elisha House in Welland, Ontario.

Jackson County Ministries: Your Partners in Appalachia
Learn about the RCA's partnership in Jackson County, Kentucky.

Ministry Videos: Chad Vanden Bosch
Chad Vanden Bosch works with Audio Scripture Ministries to provide technical support and training for partner studios on three continents, and he helps local ministries around the world set up new studios and recording systems that will work best in their context. This 28-minute video highlights his ministry.

Untold Stories: The Collegiate Church in New Orleans Post-Katrina
This video contains reflections from Collegiate Church volunteers working in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

Update from RCA Missionary Brian Renes
Working with United Bible Societies, Brian Renes provides support to national Bible translators and consultants. This video provides an update on his work.


Being Church Together: Reaching Out to Immigrants in Italy
In this video, Paolo Naso talks about his ministry to immigrants in Italy. The DVD contains the full version and a short version.

Following Christ in Hungary
Learn how volunteers provide social and educational ministries among with the Roma people.

Roma-Gadje Dialogue through Service
This video explains the work of Dick and Carolyn Otterness.

Latin America

Bible Translation Project in Ecuador: Brian Renes
In this video Brian Renes tells about his translation work in Ecuador.

Chiapas Celebration: From the 2005 General Synod
Current and former missionaries celebrate 80 years of ministry in Chiapas, Mexico.

Enriching Ministry through Education: The Work of Rutzij Tijonik in Guatemala
Isaias Colop-Xec introduces the ministry of Rutzij Tijonic in Guatemala and tells about the Quiche people that the program reaches.

Mission in Chiapas Comes Full Circle
During this short video, Vern and Carla Sterk look back on 40 years of mission service in Chiapas.

A Report from the Amaros in Mexico
This five-minute video demonstrates the Children and Worship program in Mexico under the leadership of Jaime and Martha Amaro.

Middle East

The Cradle of Our Faith
This 27-minute video provides a historical and present-day overview of Christianity in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, and Egypt.

 Following Christ in Israel/Palestine
Join Marlin and Sally Vis as they travel the Holy Land of today.

"No People" No Longer: An Eyewitness Account of the Palestinian People
These three video segments (seven minutes, five minutes, and three minutes) tell about the ministry of Marlin and Sally Vis in Jerusalem.

The Protestant Church in Oman: A Conversation with Jack Buteyn
Listen to an update from the Buteyns during this video.

The Scudder Legacy
Learn about the history of the Scudder family's missionary work.

Westra Farewell
An update from Bahrain at the time of Dick and Maja's retirement.

Reformed Church World Service

A Future with Hope: Welcoming Refugees
During this 15-minute video, meet refugees beginning new lives in the United States under the auspices of Church World Service and the local congregations, volunteers, and employers who are welcoming them. The video inspires and challenges viewers to extend friendship and practical assistance to refugees resettling in the United States.

Urban Ministries

Clancy Street Ministries: Sharing God's Love in the Heart of Grand Rapids
Two video segments (seven minutes and four minutes) focus on the various activities of Clancy Street Ministries.

Volunteer Program

Following Christ on the Gulf Coast
Listen to volunteers share their experiences.

Walk Humbly: An Orientation for Christian Servants
Incorporating lessons learned over the course of RCA mission history, this video offers insight on both preparation and on-site work for mission trip volunteers.


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