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The February edition of the Women's Transformation & Leadership newsletter is now available.

RCA general secretary Tom De Vries gives a statement on the recent killings of Egyptian Christians by criminals connected to ISIS/ISIL in Libya.

Key church leaders from all traditions met in Houston with Christian Churches Together to reflect on the impact and how immigrants are radically transforming the Church in the United States. New immigrants, a majority of which profess the Christian faith, are major actors in the transformation of American life and culture. 

This story first appeared in the winter 2015 issue of Breaking Barriers, the newsletter of CRC and RCA Disability Concerns: www.rca.org/breakingbarriers.

‘I’ll pray for you.” How many times I have said those words with good intentions, to comfort a friend or encourage an acquaintance going through a hard time. Maybe I said a quick prayer on my way out of church, or when I saw that person again.

Prayer took on an entirely new dimension when our son Andrew, a sophomore at Hope College, was in a car accident in August 2013. His friend, the driver, was killed, and Andrew sustained a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). As my husband, two daughters, and I raced to the hospital where he lay comatose, we had no idea what was ahead of us. We prayed in desperation on the long flights to Michigan.

In those early days at the hospital we gathered with countless friends and relatives in the family lounge, as TBI patients cannot tolerate stimulation. Two at a time, we crept into his frigid, dark, quiet room to pray for him. On the hospital dry-erase board in his room, the category “Goals” stood empty. He was so critical that there were no goals. We took the marker and wrote underneath, “God’s Miraculous Healing.”

Thornapple Community Church (RCA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is integrating a new program into their ministry called Safe Families for Children, which pairs ministries like Bethany Christian Services with local churches to keep children out of the foster care systems. They give hope to families facing hard circumstances by providing safe, loving, Christian homes for children who need to be cared for.

The RCA has 150 ministers serving as chaplains in hospitals, schools, the military, and other contexts. These chaplains offer a ministry of presence to people who are going through difficult times, and this is one of their stories.

Reformed Church Center at New Brunswick Theological Seminary is inviting scholarly proposals for the 2015-16 school year.

In the sixth part of our series, Thomas HungYong Song shares his perspective.

In the fifth part of our series, Nickolas Miles shares his perspective.

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