Awakening to God’s Call

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

By Elly DeHoog

Before taking Vantage I was in the group of people who had done church for a long time. I was growing but felt it was no longer enough. There had to be more…but I didn’t know what that was or what it looked like or how to get there. My Vantage experience has been an awakening experience.

By investing two years in weekly homework, readings (Bible and other books), meetings, and talking to a mentor, my eyes were opened and so was my heart.

Things started to fall into place after looking at them under God’s magnifying glass. God had been doing a work in my life and wasn’t done with me yet.

The first year was looking at my walk with God and lining it up with him. Where had I been, where was I now, and where was God taking me? It was amazing to me how many challenges there were and how I had to “unlearn” some things. The depth of questions, although hard to answer truthfully, brought new insight. The leaders were patient and helped the group mine God’s Word for the nuggets that would make positive changes in each individual life.

That first year brought healing and understanding of God’s continued purpose in my life. Year two was even more intense. I was being moved to think of stepping out of my comfort zone. I was beginning to understand that God might have a new ministry and new leadership opportunities for me. I was terrified yet exhilarated.

Coming out of year two, God asked me to facilitate a Vantage group. I had taught Sunday school, had been Sunday school superintendent, had set up the church kitchen in our new church building, had organized and run the nursery…all to his glory but really under my own power. Now he was asking me to move under his power. He had a plan, all I needed to do was to be obedient and follow him.

Vantage is a process for life change—long-term life change. It is making disciples of you and me.

God is up to something good!

Elly DeHoog is a member of Forestview Community Church (RCA) in Grimsby, Ontario.

Posted 6/24/14

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