For over 45 years, staff have been welcoming summer campers to Camp Shalom. That tradition continues today in the farm regions of Cambridge, Ontario. 

Every time I cross between Canada and the United States, a border guard glares at me and barks the requisite inquiry. Usually the answer is “no,” but this time I hesitate.


One pastor knew he had to stop reading books and attending conferences, and just get out and do mission. 

Vancouver is one of the least churched cities in North America. For many, that might cause despair. But Sandeep Jadhav sees it as an opportunity.

Read updates from the Regional Synod of Canada.

An invitation to visit to Iraq made Ron Opmeer nervous. He prepared himself for the worst. But once he arrived, he was amazed.

As John Kapteyn nears his retirement as the executive secretary of the Regional Synod of Canada, he reflects on his work, his calling as a minister, and his life as a follower of Christ.

By Gregory Girard

The Synod of Canada sent three young adults to a recent learning event for church leaders.

I stepped out of the van and walked the dusty, dry path into the midst of the joyous, energetic singing of the children. I felt anticipation. I had visited here 18 months ago and was eager to see these children. I wondered if I would recognize any familiar faces.