Fall 2016

Corey Buchanan went from convict to commissioned pastor.

Barbara Pimentel is defeating obstacles so elders, deacons, and laity can lead in her church and across the RCA.

In a world where leadership is glamorized, glorified, and even the subject of academic degrees, Marion van den Akker resists the word.

Intersection is working toward multicultural ministry in Holland, Michigan.

Four pastors, four churches, four states. Each church has completed a building project, is in the middle of one, or has one on the horizon.

Many churches prefer a “clean break,” where the previous pastor is gone before the next arrives. But the pastoral transition at Calgary Community in Calgary, Alberta, was seamless thanks to one thing: mentoring.

Tom De Vries urges the RCA to commit to loving each other and being united in mission.

LifeQuest cares for workers by hosting a holiday barbecue.

Brian Bruxvoort logs about 6,000 miles every month—in the air.

The church lawn at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Clinton, Wisconsin, looks a little more colorful this year.