Fall 2016

It’s Wednesday night, and artist Michael Moss is at an easel. His pencil strokes bring life to the page—a fist, a muscled arm, a cape.

What does a bilingual summer camp program look like? At Camp Fowler, it was life-changing. 

Despite some arguments to the contrary, short-term mission trips can be positive experiences for both visitors and hosts. 

A New York church comes up with a creative solution in order to include all members of its congregation. 

Learn more about what happened at this year’s meeting of the General Synod. 

A Colorado pastor takes a look at what transformational discipleship can look like in a small church. 

Stepping out in faith is risky and scary. But sometimes, that’s exactly what God calls us to do. 

There are lots of reasons to say “no” to attending General Synod, but the experience can be a blessing—as one delegate has discovered. 

Even gifts and abilities that don’t appear to have a direct connection to ministry can be a way to spread God’s love.