General Synod

Here’s what you should know about the big decisions General Synod 2017 made at its annual meeting in June.

The Reformed Church in America is now accepting applications from persons interested in serving as the denomination’s next general secretary. 

Synod delegates have elected James Nakakihara as vice president of General Synod 2018. He is an elder at Rancho Community Reformed Church in Temecula, California.

On Monday, June 12, General Synod affirmed that the Heidelberg Catechism in Q&A 108 and 109 “categorically states that God condemns all ‘unchastity,’ which includes same-sex sexual activity” (R

General Synod set the 2018 per-member assessment at $53.75.

On Monday, June 12, General Synod urged RCA congregations to take action regarding the global refugee crisis.

On Monday, June 12, delegates nominated three candidates for General Synod vice president. Delegates will vote to elect one of them on Tuesday.

On Monday, June 12, General Synod declared that only classes that have seated delegates at a General Synod where a change to the Constitution of the RCA is proposed can vote on whether to approve i

On Monday, June 12, General Synod voted in support of a change to the Book of Church Order that would allow commissioned pastors to be voting members of consistory, classis, regional synod

On Monday, June 12, General Synod delegates voted to form diaconal conferences across the RCA (R 17-14).