James Nakakihara Elected Synod Vice President

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Synod delegates have elected James Nakakihara as vice president of General Synod 2018. He is an elder at Rancho Community Reformed Church in Temecula, California.

“This is God doing the impossible,” Nakakihara told delegates upon his election Tuesday morning. “I want you guys to go back and preach the gospel. … That’s our call. I thank you again for this privilege.”

Synod president Dan Gillett prayed for Nakakihara, saying, “I pray for James in these years ahead. Lord, you call and gift all of us to service. We stand in a rich tradition where you call and ordain us to serve in a world that is hurting and broken.”

Nakakihara has also been a small group leader and webmaster in his church. He has served the denomination as a member of the General Synod Council. James has a B.A. in Spanish, an M.B.A., and a California teaching credential in special education. Nakakihara and his wife, Lisa, have been married for 34 years and have one son.

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