Leadership Development Program Gets an Upgrade

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Living Fire Leadership Ministries has a new name and a new face. Re-launched this year as The Journey, the leadership development program has been streamlined to enable more people to participate.

"The basic content and material [of the program] is very similar," says Larry Bolt, coordinator of The Journey for the Synod of Mid-America. "It looks at the spiritual development of each person, and where you see God working in your life.

"As God has created us, he has created each one of us to be unique. We often look back and say 'I wish I was like Paul,' 'I wish I was like David,' or 'I wish I was like Peter,' but our story is just as important in God's plan because we're uniquely made to bring honor to him."

The Synod of Mid-America has offered Living Fire Leadership Ministries through VantagePoint3 for nine years. Recently, leaders at VantagePoint3 realized that the amount of time required to complete the program—36 weeks a year for three years—made it an unrealistic commitment for some people. VantagePoint3 decided to make the program more accessible by condensing some of the material.

The revamped program is now a two-year commitment with 22 sessions per year. "It's a real difference, having 44 versus 108 sessions," says Bolt.

Groups for The Journey consist of eight to ten people who meet once a week for two hours. Each participant is also expected to spend two to four hours each week preparing for the next group session. Group facilitators receive training from VantagePoint3.

Bolt says the program is life-changing for many participants. "We're very excited about what God has done in the lives of people. We've seen people give up secular vocations to take up ministry vocations. People who said 'I'm not a leader' have now taken on leadership positions in church. They have a firm spiritual foundation in their lives."

If you would like to know more about the program or if you're interested in bringing The Journey to your church, contact Larry Bolt at ljbolt@att.net or (219) 465-8091.

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