Living into Transformed & Transforming: Giving ourselves

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Live and love like Jesus. Radically follow Christ in mission together. That’s the RCA’s vision through Transformed & Transforming, a 15-year goal adopted in 2013.

To live into that vision, new initiatives are being developed to equip churches for transformation, leadership development, and meaningful mission. While most initiatives are for churches or leaders, Volunteer Engagement is for all RCA members.

New volunteer opportunities promise short-term service with long-term impact. We believe that as volunteers serve in the name of Christ, whether in their local community or around the world, that service can have long-term impact on all participants,” says Kristin VanKampen, coordinator for volunteer engagement. She specifies that “all participants” includes the people being served, the people doing the serving, and both of their communities.

Through current opportunities, volunteers work alongside RCA missionaries and trusted mission partners. They use their gifts in meaningful ways to support work that’s already going on and will continue after they leave.

Opportunities are available for volunteers of all ages, serving in groups, as individuals, or in pairs. Some sites are well-suited for students, others for adults or multiple generations. Several opportunities rely on volunteers with medical or construction skills. Opportunities range from one to three weeks to up to a year or two.

What you can do now

  • Volunteer! Find an opportunity for a group from your church, or for yourself or someone you know. Search opportunities at, or call the Volunteer Engagement office at (616) 541-0895.
  • Get resources and training to make sure your mission trip has the greatest impact on the people served and the people serving. Even if your trip isn’t planned through the RCA, you can get help. Find resources for spiritual growth during a mission experience, or tools to help with debriefing and follow-through afterward.

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