Local Mission

Churches are partnering with Fostering Futures NY to help foster families.


A ministry offering community support becomes a pastor’s new mission field. 

Effective community development work requires embracing the gifts of the people who live there.


They come from different cities, and have different gifts and different goals. But thanks to a nonprofit bakery, young women are learning to break down social barriers. 

How alpacas and a warm welcome helped shape a new church’s vision for ministry.

Halloween in Lemont, Illinois, isn’t just about trick or treating. It’s also about bounce houses. Fun with friends. And wearing your costume unencumbered by a winter coat.

Kinderhook Reformed Church provides baby clothing for low-income mothers who deliver at the local hospital.

Canadian churches open doors to refugees.

After Hurricane Irene decimated the area’s only playground, Schoharie Reformed built a new one.