Corey Buchanan went from convict to commissioned pastor.

The church lawn at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Clinton, Wisconsin, looks a little more colorful this year.

The task of members at Bethany Reformed Church is to “simply be kind to people in the name of Jesus, and report back—to encourage each other with what we’ve done.”

Church leaders gathered to challenge their own—and each other’s—assumptions about race and culture. 

It wasn’t until Ann Bilbrew came to Riverdale that she saw a vision for her ministry.

Reaching out to the neighborhood transformed Wednesday night ministry at Ross Reformed Church in Gary, Indiana.

The Bridge Faith Community is an unusual church plant. Instead of pews, there are tables and chairs, and the scent of roasted coffee fills the room.

Faith Church in Indiana is growing. To keep up, it has developed the Leadership Training Residency to train new leaders for ministry.

Lots of fun things to do draws more than 300 young people to an annual retreat in Wisconsin. The youth pastors who plan and lead the retreat make sure there’s plenty of time to go deeper with God too. The result? A faith-building experience that kids can’t wait to get back to.

A 2013 tornado set off a chain of events that eventually connected two ministries in need—even though they didn’t know they needed each other.