Next Generation

College student Jordan Saddoris invites others to embrace God’s forgiveness and turn from their sin.

Salama Warner used to keep up with the Kardashians; now she’s helping the church keep up with its youth.

What better place to explore a biblical connection to identity than in the land where the Israelites wrestled with it? That’s what intergenerational mentoring pairs did this summer.

It’s Wednesday night, and artist Michael Moss is at an easel. His pencil strokes bring life to the page—a fist, a muscled arm, a cape.

Even gifts and abilities that don’t appear to have a direct connection to ministry can be a way to spread God’s love. 

An intergenerational group from the Synod of the Heartland is traveling to Israel.  

When Kanoko came to United States for college, she thought there was no way she would become a Christian.

As one church seeks new methods of outreach, it discovers ways to help victims of human trafficking right in its own community.

How a kids’ summer camp led to an ecumenical youth movement along the Mississippi.

The RCA welcomes Rick Zomer to its staff as the coordinator for Next Generation Engagement.