Platform: Goodness and Light

Date Posted: 
Thursday, February 20, 2014

By Deborah McCreary

As people who have received and believed the Good News, we revel in and are awed by the gift of God's indwelling Spirit. We marvel at the invitation to enter into the kingdom of God that has burst forth, the power and authority we have been given, and the command to join the work of his Spirit proclaiming the gospel to the nations, teaching, and making disciples as we go.

We yearn to embrace and yield ourselves to the transformative power of the Spirit in us, others, and the world as God engages in the re-creative, restorative work that will be consummated upon the return of Jesus Christ, our King.

During the Christmas season, I meditated on an old song: "Do you see what I see... do you hear what I hear... do you know what I know?" The song acknowledges the arrival of a new baby king, the Messiah. Now we gaze back to that manger scene, and we look ahead to the glorious return of the Lord of lords and King of kings.

In the meantime, I ask those in my own community, Do you see what I see? God is forming collaborative partnerships, uniting hearts of compassion, as people reach out to meet the needs of community. Hand2Hand Ministry is providing weekend food for students and their families. One Church, One City is adopting local schools, mentoring and caring for students. Church doors are opening during the week to invite neighbors into Internet cafes, play spaces, community meals, and new relationships.

Do you hear what I hear? God is calling his people to worship and pray. He is calling us to deep devotion. He is raising up new disciples. He is reminding us that the kingdom of God is now and that we are to embrace it forcefully. Conversations are echoing a feeling of fellowship and shared attitudes, interests, and goals.

Do you know what I know? God is dismantling barriers across denominations and ethnicities uniting the body of Christ. Empowered Together is drawing together diverse leaders across the RCA and CRC denominations. Locally, pastors and partners are forming ecumenical grassroots coalitions to reflect the body of Christ and to manifest Christ in their respective neighborhoods.

People are listening to what the King says and acknowledging his intention to bring goodness and light into the world. It is happening more and more. Truly, he is the light of the world shining into the darkness through us. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Deborah McCreary is pastor of community engagement at Hope Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. "Platform" offers RCA members a chance to share their opinions.

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