Snapshot: Brian Bruxvoort

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Brian Bruxvoort logs about 6,000 miles every month—in the air.

With most of Alaska inaccessible by road, people in villages like this one are isolated. Bruxvoort flies pastors to their churches, missionaries to their posts, and children to Bible camp.

He doesn’t always see the transformation himself because he’s not the one on the ground. “My role has actually been more of a mentor to the groups that we’re bringing out, a listening ear, and biblical counsel, helping them understand who they’re ministering to,” he says.

In Alaska, winters are long, depression rates are high, and runways in coastal towns are unnervingly icy. But Bruxvoort’s hope is strong.

“In the wintertime, we stay with the groups we fly. Then I not only have the privilege of providing transportation but also spiritual support,” he says. “The biggest joy is bringing people to a place where they will have an encounter with Jesus Christ.”

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