Spring 2016

Keith Clapp really deepened his faith in the last year. The catalyst? A survey he took online. “It’s changed my life completely,” he says.

Our faith directs us to be champions for the voiceless, including the natural environment. Many Christians have adopted “green” habits as a result of their faith.

Life is hard—often very hard—for those living under military occupation with continuing land confiscations, restrictions on travel, arbitrary arrests and detention, and ongoing violence.

When Kanoko came to United States for college, she thought there was no way she would become a Christian.

For over 45 years, staff have been welcoming summer campers to Camp Shalom. That tradition continues today in the farm regions of Cambridge, Ontario. 

Every time I cross between Canada and the United States, a border guard glares at me and barks the requisite inquiry. Usually the answer is “no,” but this time I hesitate.


General secretary Tom De Vries looks to Jesus for a biblical definition of discipleship. 

The task of members at Bethany Reformed Church is to “simply be kind to people in the name of Jesus, and report back—to encourage each other with what we’ve done.”

Church leaders gathered to challenge their own—and each other’s—assumptions about race and culture. 

Joaquin Ramos found himself in prison 22 years ago after committing manslaughter.