Spring 2016

Jill Vande Zande and her InterVarsity students wish that God would work more quickly. But often God chooses to take his time.

The congregation of Trinity Reformed is learning how to read the Bible. It’s a simple step with far-reaching results.

As one church seeks new methods of outreach, it discovers ways to help victims of human trafficking right in its own community.

Terrorism is not what Islam is about. This concept became clear to Lesley Mazzotta during a trip to Oman. 

How a kids’ summer camp led to an ecumenical youth movement along the Mississippi.

God used a coffee cup to lead New Life Community Church (RCA) on a journey. 

Talking about Jesus shouldn’t be harder than talking about your favorite ice cream.

At the Warwick Center, spiritual transformation doesn’t happen all at once.

Sandy Khabbazeh, a Syrian refugee, came to Ponds Reformed Church for a place to pray. She found a place to call home.

How the Congregational Vitality Pathway helped New Hope Community Church focus less on the number of people in the pews and more on their spiritual health.