Water for Education

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simple water rollers allow women and children to carry five times the water in a single trip. Thanks to generous donors, over the past few years the RCA has provided nearly 500 families with water rollers.

Why is ordinary water so important?

As populations around the world continue to grow, the need for clean water has never been greater. In many parts of the world people’s daily routines are built around securing clean water and transporting it home. Children who grow up in a community with a readily available source of clean water are far more likely to be healthy and grow to adulthood than those who grow up in a village without clean water.

The global water shortage is a huge problem, but there are solutions. The RCA is partnering around the world to dig wells and provide purifiers and delivery systems that make it easier to get clean water to the people who need it. 

Water for education

For girls and young women in many parts of the world, providing them an easier way to get clean water means more to their future than any other factor. It means that instead of having to walk miles several times each day to get water, they might have the time to go to school, to get an education. They may learn a skill or trade that will make an impact on their entire community. The future of an entire generation can change because a girl doesn’t have to spend hours each day walking for water.

The RCA, through the gifts of many of members, helps girls around the world by providing water-related resources that make it possible for them to spend time at school. We dig wells in villages, provide new methods to purify water locally, and introduce new water transportation methods.

You can help

To donate to online to help supply clean water where it’s needed most: www.rca.org/water.

By phone: Please call Karen Bogerd at (616) 698-7071, ext. 1882.

By mail: Please send your check, made out to “Reformed Church in America” and designated “Clean Water,” to Reformed Church in America, Attn: Finance Dept., 4500 60th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, or, in Canada, to PO Box 5070 Stn LCD1, Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8.