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As Holly O’Brien and her 11-year-old son Lance discovered, a mission trip can impact you at any age. And its effects last beyond the trip itself.

Their daughter was barely a year old when God asked them to become refugee foster parents to a teenager from Eritrea.

The Regional Synod of Albany equips its churches to protect children from sexual assault and abuse.

How the process of Faithwalking inspired a new approach to ministry. 

Friends to Friends Community Church makes a point to have as few barriers to worship as possible. 

Lou Lotz reflects on the difficulty of life in North America for people experiencing homelessness.

Tom De Vries offers some parting thoughts on unity and the gospel in his final column as general secretary.

How one Palestinian served as an agent of reconciliation

How “falling in love with lost people” resulted in unexpected transformation. 

Halloween in Lemont, Illinois, isn’t just about trick or treating. It’s also about bounce houses. Fun with friends. And wearing your costume unencumbered by a winter coat.

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