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Consider volunteering with Immerse in Lincoln, Nebraska.

College student Jordan Saddoris invites others to embrace God’s forgiveness and turn from their sin.

God at work through volunteer opportunities, community affairs officers, RCA church growth, and a Transformed & Transforming dashboard.

After Hurricane Irene decimated the area’s only playground, Schoharie Reformed built a new one.

After damage to its building, church reflects on its purpose in the community.

Seeking justice is at the heart of the Christian faith. Jennifer Lucking explains how to make sure your lifestyle doesn’t trap others in systems of slavery.

General Secretary Tom De Vries invites readers to ponder their spiritual leaders.

A clear explanation of the gospel is changing lives at First Church.

What do the Vatican and a few New Jersey churches have in common? Solar energy.

Make an impact in your neighborhood. Start with a MissionInsite report from Church Multiplication.

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