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In his final report before the General Synod as general secretary, on Friday, June 9, Tom De Vrie

In his report to the General Synod on Friday, June 9, president Dan Gillett reminded the RCA of i

“We are living through the greatest coming to Christ in the history of Christianity today.”

In the evening on Friday, June 9, Richard Mouw spoke to the synod about civil disagreement—why Re

On Thursday, June 8, General Synod declared Chad Pierce a General Synod professor.

On Thursday, June 8, one day short of 41 years after he was ordained in the RCA, New Brunswick Th

The RCA’s executive board, the General Synod Council (GSC), has appointed Don Poest as interim general secretary of the Reformed Church in America. 

In Northwest Iowa, churches are spurring each other on to better discipleship. 

Assessing the health of established churches in the Classis of Delaware-Raritan strengthens their ministry.

Stewardship isn’t a financial issue. It’s about discipleship.

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