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Tom Johnson has added a holiday side-project to his work in Niger as a development specialist.

Members of the RCA’s African American/Black Council respond to the recent tragedies in Ferguson and New York City.

A letter from the senior ministers of the Collegiate Churches of New York regarding grand jury decisions in Ferguson and Eric Garner.

After struggling to overcome post-traumatic stress in her own life, one missionary now makes it her life’s work to help others by leading a trauma-healing ministry.

The National Council of Churches (NCC) met this week in Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown was shot and killed on August 9. A grand jury ruling is expected any day on whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting. The NCC issued the statement below ahead of the ruling. Tom De Vries, the RCA’s general secretary, was one of several pastors who helped author this statement. 

For Rachel Hashimoto, long-term volunteering in Japan was a great way to learn about the country and the culture there “without having to deal with taxes,” she jokes. But it was more than that, of course—it was a chance to quietly witness to others and share Christ’s love in a country where Christianity is a minority religion.

More and more, people want to volunteer in ways that build relationships with the people they ser

It was the seventh-costliest weather event in United States’ history, with damage estimates exceeding $15 billion and at least 56 deaths. 2011’s Hurricane Irene began as a well-defined tropical wave off western Africa’s coast and grew as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean, smacking into Puerto Rico before veering north.

It began as a journey of discovery in how to become more effective in leadership.

Last year, I was just a small freshman with little to no influence. But our God likes to work through the lowly.

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