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Classis Illiana–Florida has formalized how it supports new church plants.

A leader is a person with a God-given capacity, and a God-given responsibility, who is influencing a specific group of God’s people toward God’s purposes for that group. 

God doesn't just give a mission to the church, God calls the church to live their whole lives on mission. The Ridder process helps congregations to reorient themselves toward following that call.

The Regional Synod of the Heartland is serious about Transformed and Transforming. Each regional, congregational, classical, and church leader is being encouraged to consider how the Lord is leading them to implement T and T.

Twelve members from Reformed Church of Cortlandtown and their pastor, Amy Nyland, gave their time, energy, and gifts to serve with Habitat for Humanity in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, during Holy Week this year.

A dozen church leaders came together recently to share best practices. The topic? A pastor’s first call after graduating from seminary. They were laying the groundwork for a new Transformed and Transforming initiative to help ensure success for first-call pastors and the congregations that call them.

It began as a journey of discovery in how to become more effective in leadership.

Last year, I was just a small freshman with little to no influence. But our God likes to work through the lowly.

There is so much that I can share about my experiences in Israel and Palestine. 

Church recovers its ministry to children, then encourages other churches

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