Strategic Impact Area: Nicaragua

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About Nicaragua

75 percent of Nicaraguans earn less than $2 per day.
63 percent of rural families live in poverty.
42 percent of children in Bluefields do not finish primary school.

Nicaragua is an extremely impoverished nation: 63 percent of rural families live in poverty. On average, Nicaraguans live on less than $2 per day. Many North Americans make that much money in mere minutes. And in Bluefields, a town on the southeastern coast, 42 percent of children do not finish primary school.

For nearly two decades, RCA Global Mission has partnered with organizations in Nicaragua that are working to alleviate the suffering caused by such poverty. Our current partners include Tabitha’s House Bluefields (THB), on the eastern coast, and the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD), which works in rural communities in western Nicaragua. Both provide services and spiritual care to children and families with the goal of helping them maximize their God-given talents and potential.

Nicaragua is the site of one of the RCA’s strategic impact areas, which connect a network of churches and individuals with local organizations. There are many ways to get involved, including visiting Nicaragua, offering financial support, and praying for the work already happening.

Get involved in the work in Nicaragua

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Our Missionaries

Olivia Holt connects churches and people in North America to the work God is doing in Nicaragua through RCA mission partners. Read more about Olivia’s ministry

Pastor Adrián Bobb and Dr. Bernardeth Kelly Bent provide health services, run a feeding program for children, and offer a safe and loving home to children who have been abused or orphaned. Read more about the Bobb-Kellys’ ministry

Our Mission Partners

Tabitha’s House Bluefields (THB)

On the east coast of Nicaragua lies the isolated city of Bluefields. With just one road connecting Bluefields to the rest of the country, resources and job opportunities are scarce. For over 25 years, pastor Adrián and Dr. Bernardeth Bobb-Kelly, RCA missionaries and founders of THB, have served the city’s poorest neighborhoods and surrounding villages. THB provides meals and homes for vulnerable children, offers medical clinics and health training to remote river communities, and prepares indigenous pastors for ministry.

Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD)

Founded in 1972 by pastors from eight denominations, CEPAD began as a group of churches working to relieve the devastation following a major earthquake. Now composed of 70 indigenous denominations and churches, CEPAD works in 45 rural villages at a time in programs to empower local people to bring about sustainable, holistic change. All told, CEPAD has served more than 4,000 vulnerable communities by promoting economic growth and stability, training farmers in nutrition and food security, and coordinating leadership development and community projects such as improving water, electricity, infrastructure, and sanitation.

Our goals in Nicaragua

  • To serve 15 percent more women and children at THB.
  • To place 15 percent more children in family foster homes.
  • To train 150 local leaders on family welfare issues.
  • To equip 5,000 people through CEPAD to develop the assets in their own communities.

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