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Not everyone has access to God’s Word – Smartphones Could Change That for India

  • India has surpassed the US as the second-largest smartphone market in the world
  • Smartphones can be leveraged to provide audio streaming
  • The platform allows for two-way conversations
  • End users can watch and listen to Podcasts that can be accessed any time

Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) is designing an app that will provide God’s Word via an audio stream and will give the listener the option to send questions directly to missionary team. Questions can be answered and aired as podcasts accessible using the app. The goal is to build the platform to accommodate future training tools, and to interface with other ministries in India and beyond. This will be one of the first apps that will help missionaries to bring God’s Word to communities that cannot be served by the church or pastors in the traditional way. People living in remote communities will be able to have conversations, get questions answered and share stories about their own transformation.

  • Pray for the team who is developing this new app that will bring God’s Word to people in remote areas
  • Share this need with your family, friends and church
  • Join others and Give to provide the necessary funds needed for this project

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