Paramedic Training in Chiapas

About Paramedic Training in Chiapas

Licensed physicians are not usually available in Chiapan villages, so health workers assist at births. Most of the health workers have been taught to give injections and utilize intravenous techniques. A few perform simple external surgeries. They also connect villagers with government health workers and facilities, especially when hospitalization becomes necessary. The village health workers also are a spiritual arm of the church. They pray with patients, witness to the love of God, and help people recover from physical ailments and maladies.

The paramedic training program includes 40 one-week courses and takes four to five years to complete. It requires 4-5 years to complete the training program; 1 week study every 2 months. They utilize the Bible Schools as their training center, but also teach in village settings to better provide on-site practical training.

This program is a partnership with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico.

Location: Mexico
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