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Christians and Muslims often misunderstand and mistrust each other. Christians in the Middle East are a small minority of the population among a Muslim majority, and they often face discrimination. There is a need for Christians to develop ways of relating to their Muslim neighbors based on better knowledge, respect, cooperation, and expressions of compassion and witness.

Peter serves as Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology (NEST), one of only a handful of accredited Protestant theological seminaries in the Arab world. He teaches courses in Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, mostly for Christian students, to help them better understand Islam and develop positive relations with Muslims. Patty volunteers her time in various teaching and administrative activities at NEST and at All Saints International Church in Beirut.

Peter serves in partnership with the Near East School of Theology (NEST).

Location: Lebanon

Videos of Peter & Patty Ford

NEST class visit to Omari mosque, Beirut, 3-17
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