Missionaries Currently Raising Support

The work of RCA missionaries is funded by you! Much of their support is raised through Partnership in Mission (PIM) shares, which provide an ongoing base of support for RCA Global Mission. (Learn more about Global Mission and about current PIM shares.) 

The missionaries listed here are currently raising support. Click on a missionary to learn more and to donate to their work.

John and Lynn Hubers

John Hubers
professor and consultant for Christian-Muslim relations at Mekane Yesus Seminary

The Rev. Dr. John Hubers helps equip church leaders for sensitive, Christ-centered witness and dialogue with their Muslim neighbors. John and his wife, Lynne, serve in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Bob Abel

Bob Abel 
director of staff care for Remember Nhu in Thailand

Bob provides pastoral care and discipleship support to the international and local workers at Remember Nhu, an organization working to end child sex slavery around the world.

Doug McClintic
European church planting coordinator

Doug provides support, strategic coordination, and expertise to congregations, classes, regional synods, and other agencies in European church planting efforts. He partners North American congregations with the next generation of European churches to develop a strategy of local empowerment, collaboration, and evaluation. 

Bob Oliveira

Bob Oliveira
Brazil Strategic Impact Area project leader

Bob serves as a missionary liaison between North American RCA churches and the Presbyterian Church of Manaus. Bob forms and maintains strategic partnerships that collaborate with projects in Manaus, Brazil.

Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva

Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva
ministry to youth in Romania

In partnership with New Horizons Foundation, Felipe helps Roma youth develop life skills and character, pursue education, and come to know the love of Christ through rock climbing. Felipe and his wife, Janelle, are also planting a church in Vulcan, Romania.

Cheryl Barnes
education facilitator for primary schools in Malawi

Cheryl serves as education facilitator for the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP). She works with the education secretaries and department personnel to improve the quality of education in CCAP primary schools in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Rowland and Jane Van Es
professors at St. Paul’s University in Kenya

Jane and Rowland each students who are preparing for ministry or a career in business at St. Paul’s University in Kenya.

Brian Renes
technical support with United Bible Societies

Brian  works in partnership with United Bible Societies. He provides technical computer help and training to United Bible Society mission staff and RCA Bible translators, reducing the time required to translate Scripture into native languages.

Albino and Sandy Rodriguez
executive director and administrator of La Casa del Maestro

Albino and Sandy mentor youth in Peru who have moved from rural settings to an urban environment. They host workshops and seminars that focus on biblical discipleship and vocational training.

Peter and Patty Ford
professor at Near East School of Theology in Lebanon

Peter and Patty serve the Near East School of Theology in Lebanon, one of the only accredited Protestant theological seminaries in the Arab world. Peter teaches courses in Christian-Muslim relations and Patty serves in the library.

Brad Kautz

Brad Kautz
Pastor at Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church

Brad is an RCA minister who serves as the pastor for the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church, which is located on an Indian reservation in Dulce, New Mexico. Many in Dulce struggle with family situations that lead to behavioral problems, unhealthy life choices, and difficulty committing to God. Because of this good work, lives are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in this Native American community.

Mark Vellinga

Mark Vellinga
Pastor at Mescalero Reformed Church

Mark is the pastor of Mescalero Reformed Church, which is located in Mescalero, New Mexico. Mark works to minister to the Mescalero community in a way that honors their Native American heritage and demonstrates how that heritage shapes their faith.