The Reformed Church in America laments the effects of the United States’ recent withdrawal of troops from northeast Syria.

We are concerned for the suffering of minority groups—including Kurds, Christians, Yazidis, and non-combatants—who are in harm’s way after the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

We are concerned for the negative consequences this withdrawal will have on a United Nations–led political process, and on the recently agreed-upon resumption of national dialogue in Syria through the constitutional committee.

We are concerned for the loss of credibility and standing of United States’ actions and peace efforts in the world as they pertain to our relationship with our allies.

The crisis in northeast Syria continues, now with reports of chemical weapons used against civilians, including children. Indigenous Christian communities, which are at great risk, have been displaced and may disappear.

Our concern brings us to our knees in prayer and compels us to take action on behalf of vulnerable people groups in Syria and other regions in the world. We long for the reign of Christ to bring peace to our hurting world.